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Google launches Hotel Destination Booking Site

Google Launches Hotel Destination Booking Site

Copyright: Kibali Villas Resort. Photo by Rogim Photography. Extra Edits by Daniel Ngala

Google has recently released a fully functional destination booking site, Google Hotels, making it much easier to search and book hotels within your Google interface.

Once users visit Google’s hotel search and choose a hotel, they are given a list of the cheapest prices offered by various travel booking websites and can book directly on Google, creating a one-stop shop for any hotel booking needs.

Much like Google Flights, users can easily explore hotel options on a geographic map, as well as filter by budget and by which hotels are offering special deals. The “deals” filter highlights hotels where one of Google’s partners is offering particularly low rates.

One of the key benefits of using Google’s hotel booking site is the company’s well-known search functionality. For instance, the search engine can leverage machine learning to power filter to search for hotel deals, where one or more of their partners offer rates that are much lower than the usual price for that hotel or similar hotels nearby.


In an earlier blog, Eric Zimmerman, Google’s director of travel product management said, “We’re evolving the way our hotel search works on smartphones to help users explore options and make decisions on their smallest screens. The new hotel search experience includes better price filtering, easier-to-find amenity information and the ability to book right from Google.”

While this new development doesn’t exactly translate as the end of Hotels.com or Expedia, it sure means more options for travelers.

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